About Us

Hello all!! Our names are Cricket Wuebker and Faith Hagelberger, and we are the founders of the Connected by Color organization.

We recently created Connected by Color to raise money to support us on our mission trip to Haiti this June. We will be selling sets of identical handcrafted friendship bracelets. When the bracelets are purchased, one will go to the donor, and the other will be given to a child in Haiti. Through this project, we hope to connect our community to Haitians through the colors on their wrist, coining to Connected by Color. The threads will connect those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances.

Donations that exceed our traveling expenses, we will be donating to a foundation that builds wells near orphanages to provide them with fresh water. An annual scholarship to fund mission trips for other students is also being established.

As a college student and an incoming college student, we understand that mission trips can be financially challenging. We wish to create this scholarship to help a yearly student fund their trip as well.

Our local area has worked incredibly hard to build the close-knit, supportive, and compassionate community that we all are blessed with today. We are asking that you continue this tradition by supporting our foundation, so that those in need will feel the love and kindness that our community is known for.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and compassion. We have already received tremendous support from area organizations and businesses, and our hearts are full.

Spaghetti Dinner

We are hosting a Spaghetti Dinner! There will be an open donation at the entrance. All proceeds will be added to our Connected by Color account and will help fund a variety of projects that we are starting up. These include the funds to help send us to Haiti this June, building fresh water wells near hospitals, and funding an annual scholarship to help local teens go on mission trips as well. We will have sets of identical bracelets for sale, one will go to the donor, and the other will come with us and be given to a Haitian! We will also have raffle tickets for purchase, and a variety of wonderful gift baskets to be awarded, which have graciously been donated by local businesses.

Save Yourself A Seat


Solicited funds collected by Connected by Color will help cover our personal traveling expenses, establish an annual scholarship that will help local teens embark on their missionary desires as well, and benefit the Haitian communities by donating to the construction of fresh water wells in their neighborhoods. We are raising money to focus on these three pillars of our foundation. We hope you love our mission and our pillars and wish to contribute to our cause. We have big dreams for our foundation, and we understand that these dreams would not be possible without you. Thank you.